Friday, 4 November 2016

Exam Time!

Now it's Joshua's turn! Joshua has his first French exam  (DELF) paper next week on Thursday (10th). Please pray for him in his final week of study ...

Friday, 21 October 2016

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sleeping Beauty

Louissa writes:
On the 1st November, after weeks of practice practice practice, the curtain of Cine Santana opened and everyone's attention was on the stage. The story was about to start. In came the fairies, who have all been invited to baby Princess Aurora's christening. Everyone is happy until they realise they forgot to invite someone: in comes the evil fairy and...well I think you all know how the story goes.

This year my end of year performance was Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty. This year was particularly special because it was my last performance with this ballet school, as by this time next year I hope to be off on my Gap Year. 

The Fairies

This was my fifth performance with Academia Clara Irie. My first was Copelia, followed by Paquita, Le Corsaire, the famous Swan Lake and finally Sleeping Beauty. 

Sending the villain away

It has been such fun to perform in these adaptations of Classical Ballets, as I danced more and more each year. This year I was excited to have a more important part in the play as one of the main fairies. 

We performed at a smaller venue this year because our usual theatre is having maintenance done to it. Because of the large demand (and fewer number of seats) we performed twice. By the time the second performance was done, we were all ready to sleep for 100 years. 

What has happened to the Princess?